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Individual Therapy

I offer one-on-one therapy sessions in a safe, caring, and confidential environment enabling clients to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviours. We aim to identify aspects of your lives that you would like to change, to better understand yourself and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

Children and Adolescents

I have a special interest and expertise in working with children, adolescents and young people.  It is particularly important to identify and work on issues early on, to build a strong foundation for future life.


Family therapy is beneficial whenever there is a member of the group experiencing difficulties. The goal of this therapy is to help family members identify how specific behaviours affect others, learn new ways of relating to each other, resolve conflicts, and open lines of communication between all family members.

Mentoring per Studenti Italiani a Londra

Offro guida e sostegno a studenti Italiani con incontri settimanali per facilitare il loro inserimento accademico e favorire l'esperienza di crescita personale e professionale. 

My Approach

In the last decade I have dedicated my life to studying and practicing psychodynamic psychotherapy, with a particular interest and expertise in children, adolescents and families.

My approach is to offer clients a space of reflection and mutual respect in which to explore issues and unresolved matters together.  I offer a genuine curiosity and an open mind to welcome each individual and their difficulties. 


Every person, of every age, has a story to tell.  My job and passion is to bring these stories to light, while helping you to untangle difficult states of mind.


I understand that each person is unique and there is no single approach to fit everyone.  With children, play is an essential part of psychotherapy and with adolescents alternative methods such as collage can help them to express their feelings. More traditional approaches, such as dedicating an entire session to talking, can be often be effective for adults. With families, the session can be a mix of all these, and I ensure that all members are treated with equal respect, understanding and attention.

After the initial assessment, I can suggest how we can work together towards a bespoke intervention.

My Approach
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